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Brain Tumor Action Month: We’re Not Finished

May 2016 saw Canada and the United States promote Brain Tumor Awareness ACTION Month for the first time and our collective voices were heard by government officials, news outlets, and anyone who experienced the community assembled for the walks, rides and races that took place in May. We gave you a recap of the first two weeks, containing the Race for Hope, Head to the Hill, Congressional Call-In Day, the Ependymoma Awareness Day butterfly release, and #BTSM chat in a previous post, so instead it makes sense to focus on the things that came after and how your actions made them successful.

Thousands of you came out to the walks, rides and races this month in DC, Des Moines, San Diego, Boston, Saratoga Springs, San Francisco, and Charleston to raise more money for brain tumor research. While money is still coming in for all of the events, as of today we have raised almost 3.19 million dollars! This would have been impossible without you.

There are more events coming this summer and fall, so register to be a part of the action at any of the events here.


ChsrkqCVIAA6-IX.jpg-largeYou may already know about the record numbers of participants and meetings at the 2016 Head to the Hill, but did you know that hundreds of the brain tumor community members called and wrote to their elected officials throughout May and are still doing so?  We are also blessed to have volunteer advocates representing NBTS at the Alliance for Childhood Cancer Hill day. And all this work has paid off, as we’ve seen more than two dozen new co-sponsors sign onto the bills we asked for support on since our May advocacy visits, calls, and emails occurred.

Keep up the pressure.

Your Stories
It’s really the personal stories of each of you that crystallize the need for new research funding to find better treatments. Sharing your experiences not only makes people aware of what many of you face day-to-day, but it allows those in the fight with us to know that we are also with them. Amanda Conte shared her story in a four part video series throughout the month. Harvey and Mia Mason took part in our first NBTS Connections Podcast, and hundreds of you submitted your stories to our site. All together, we are diverse tapestry of people working toward a future cure. And your efforts are not in vain.

Dollars in Action.

Your efforts at events, donating, and raising funds yield fruit. And May was a big month for research highlights. Many of the advances in how we understand the disease wouldn’t have been possible without your financial help. We have a long way to go, but you can help us get there.


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