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Channel Your Passion Into Progress with Community Fundraising

Nearly 700,000 Americans are living with a brain tumor. Brain tumors can impact men, women, adults, and children, of any ethnicity in any state, county, city or town. When you factor in caregivers, family, friends, and other loved-ones, millions of Americans have been affected by a brain tumor.


Lauren Gainor, Director of Development for Community Events

To serve the brain tumor community, the National Brain Tumor Society hosts Races, Walks, Rides, Plunges and other events in many of our nation’s biggest city and metropolitan areas to rally those impacted by this devastating disease and to raise awareness and funds to fuel the fight for a cure.

Our “Community Events” program was created to assist individuals who may not be local to one of our signature events or may simply be interested in hosting their own event to directly honor someone who has fought or is fighting a brain tumor. No matter the reason, all “Community Events” are created to benefit NBTS’ mission.

Over the last few months as the new Director of Development for Community Events, I’ve spoken with dozens of new Community Organizers looking to launch an event or another fundraising effort to support the National Brain Tumor Society. The one thing each of these people have in common is the passion to make progress in the fight against brain tumors. The best part is, this is all you need to get yourself started; a reason to fight.

  • Morgan Mak took her reason to fight and completed the 70.3 Victoria Triathlon while raising $2,700 in her first effort to raise awareness and funds in honor of her friend battling a brain tumor.
  • Corey O’Flanagan, a new 2016 Community Organizer, took his reason to fight and created the Bump, Set, Cure Volleyball Tournament & Fundraiser where he raised over $4,000 in just under 3 months.
  • As a first time fundraiser, Lido Ramadan took his reason to fight and decided to host the Fight for the Brain Happy Hour in his community. With a silent auction, donated bar space, and donations from his network, Lido raised $7,865 for NBTS.
  • Inspired by her reason to fight, Lauren Thompson partnered with a local park and other families in her area impacted by brain tumors to host the National Brain Tumor Society Nature Walk. Through her first event, she raised over $21,800 for brain tumor research.

These first-time fundraisers and the countless other new Community Organizers in 2016 took an activity and cause they were passionate about and translated it into a means to raise awareness and funds for brain tumor research. As a new Community Organizer, it’s important to remember that every dollar raised through your Community Event or Community Initiative, no matter how large or small, is crucial in having an impact in finding better treatments and, one day, a cure.

The 2nd Annual Bob Bard 5K

The Bob Bard 5K/10K community event takes place yearly in Quarryville, PA

Going forward, we want to better support Community Organizers and our Community Events program – now to be called Community Fundraising. To do so, we’ve just launched a brand new website with new resources and information.

With many moving parts, navigating event planning for the first time can be confusing. As the Director of Development for Community Events, I’m a call or email away to brainstorm, talk through various elements of your event, work on goal setting, and assist you with the various resources NBTS has to offer. One of the most popular resources being the ability to set up an official National Brain Tumor Society webpage where all donations are processed directly to NBTS from the website. Having this webpage is a great way to have participants register for your event, make donations, access event details, and learn more about why you’ve decided to fundraise for NBTS. With additional new resources, like our Community Fundraising Guide, expense tracking spreadsheet, and sample press kit, NBTS is always striving for all Community Organizers to be set up for a successful fundraising experience.

Whether you are celebrating a survivor, paying tribute to a family member or friend who battled a brain tumor, or you just want to get everyone together for a fun time, all Community Fundraising efforts have a sincere impact with supporting the National Brain Tumor Society’s research and advocacy efforts. We have Community Events and Community Initiatives of all sizes and types, so all you have to do is make the decision to start.

Check out our new Community Fundraising webpage for more information and resources on getting started. If you’re interested in contacting me directly, send me an email at or give me a call at (617) 237-1758.

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