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Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors Research Collaborative: 2018 Progress Update and 2019 Work in Progress

The Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors Research Collaborative has brought together some of the world’s best pediatric brain tumor research teams from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Montreal Children’s Hospital/McGill University Health Centre, and the German Cancer Research Center to work in a team environment and share data and other resources to speed the scientific discovery process and ultimately develop better treatments for pHGG patients.

This free download provides the latest updates from this program and the progress being made to defeat pediatric brain tumors.

For example, researchers within the program have analyzed thousands of pediatric high-grade glioma (pHGG) tumors, and have begun to evaluate the effects of drug combinations, paving the way for a first-ever standard of care for pHGG tumors. NBTS has also invested in research centered around the usage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in pediatric patients as an approach to further personalize treatment options and limit surgical interventions. These represent just a few of the promising innovations on the horizon for pediatric brain tumor patients.

Though the impact of brain tumors on young lives is staggering, there is hope for advancement toward a cure, thanks in large part to your support.



More than 13,000 children are living with a brain tumor in the United States and 3,700 more will be diagnosed this year. With such limited progress made in treating pediatric brain tumors, we know the time to act is now. Make a gift today and help to accelerate the rate at which we discover, develop, test, and approve new treatments, while working together to advance a cure.

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