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Establish Your Legacy Today – Planned Giving to NBTS

Are you looking for a way to make a lasting impact in the fight against brain tumors?  Are you thinking about your legacy and what you might leave behind for your heirs, for your community, and others?  Are you seeking innovative ways to increase income in your retirement and maximize your tax benefits?

If so, a planned gift may be a good strategic fit in your portfolio of assets and investments.

By some estimates, a whopping $41 trillion will change hands in the United States over the next 35 years in the world’s largest intergenerational transfer of wealth, as baby boomers pass their legacies on to the next generation.

A planned gift can not only provide favorable tax benefits during your lifetime and for your estate, it can also substantially benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and leave a lasting legacy that helps us continue our fight for generations to come. Through membership in the Pioneer Society, donors can work with the National Brain Tumor Society to design a planned gift that aligns directly with their unique financial and charitable goals.

For more information on how planned giving can help you maximize your retirement and secure the future of the National Brain Tumor Society, contact Michael R. Accardi at or 617.393.2836.

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