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Leadership Update from the Chairman of the Board

Michael J. Nathanson, Chairman, National Brain Tumor Society

Over the last seven years, the National Brain Tumor Society has been guided by the thoughtful leadership of a broad-based team including our Chief Executive Officer, Paul TonThat. Paul’s vision, dedication, drive, and commitment have been critical in enabling the National Brain Tumor Society to become what it is today: the largest, most impactful nonprofit dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States. We are proud to stand with our supporters as a powerful force for change, building key collaborations across industry, research, and government and designing research initiatives to address critical needs that will accelerate progress.

We all know that in the fight against brain tumors, the status quo is simply unacceptable, and during his tenure with the National Brain Tumor Society, Paul has never lost sight of the need to grow the organization in order to make the most impact, consistent with our ambitious mission. Paul has always known that, going forward, our systems-change agenda would require us to build even more dramatically on all that has been put in place.

Reflecting on these accomplishments and looking ahead to our plans to further expand the capacity of the organization, Paul has decided that it is the right time to transition his responsibilities to the next generation of leadership, who will build on Paul’s extraordinary successes and execute on our important growth plans for the future.


N. Paul TonThat, CEO, National Brain Tumor Society

Having had the opportunity to work closely with Paul over the last year as Chairman, I am personally saddened to see him leave. That said, we respect and fully support Paul’s decision to help usher in a new era of leadership to continue to take the National Brain Tumor Society forward. Working with an internal leadership team, Paul will transition from his role in mid-September, 2014. A Board committee already has begun a search for a new CEO, and we expect to be able to announce that hire in the near future.

Please know that Paul remains quite committed to our organization, so you can still expect to see him from time to time. In fact, we are looking forward to acknowledging his many achievements at this year’s upcoming National Brain Tumor Society Summit and Annual Meeting.

Thanks to the passionate commitment of our staff and Board, and the support and dedication of the brain tumor community, I am proud to say that our organization has never been stronger, and we look forward to having even more impact going forward, together.

Very truly yours,

Michael Nathanson
Chairman, National Brain Tumor Society

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  • snakes251 says:

    As a former manager with NTBS, I believe the Board made a difficult but necessary decision in having Mr. Tonthat step down. We wish him well, and hope that the organization emerges stronger as a result.

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