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Leadership Updates At National Brain Tumor Society

This past Monday, Sally Davis resigned as Chief Executive Officer of the National Brain Tumor Society.

Though Sally’s tenure seems brief, she made a number of significant contributions to the National Brain Tumor Society. She managed the restructuring and realignment of the organization’s staff and departments, which will be critical to the future success and growth of NBTS. The organization is now even better positioned to continue our mission: to find new treatments and ultimately a cure for brain tumors. For that we will always be thankful and wish Sally all the best in the future.

The Board of Directors made the decision to immediately appoint an interim CEO, and I am both privileged and honored to serve in this capacity.

Since I started with NBTS in 2011, I’ve been nothing short of awed and inspired by the brain tumor community. Serving for the past four years as Director of Public Policy, and then, Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer, I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand what our community – including patients, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians – can do to pave the way for new research and policies that will improve the lives of all of those affected by brain tumors. The commitment and motivation in this community are authentic and powerful, and I know WE have what it takes to achieve our goals.

So, what, you might ask, will change now? In short, nothing. NBTS will work full steam ahead on its signature research and public policy programs such as, the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative, our pediatric brain tumor research efforts, our community research funds (including the Oligodendroglioma Research Fund), and our Clinical Trial Endpoints Initiative.  We will continue  to take the lead on policy, scientific, and patient-related issues critical to finding better treatments and a cure for brain tumors. We will work harder than ever to ensure that the brain tumor community has the essential information it needs to navigate their journeys, as well as the tools and opportunities of advocacy to fight back for all those touched by brain tumors.

It is an honor to work with the brain tumor community. Your voice and spirit carry our mission, and we are truly grateful for your collective efforts. I look forward to working with you in this new capacity at the National Brain Tumor Society, which is indeed your society.

Let’s go forward together.


David Arons
Interim CEO/Chief Public Policy & Advocacy Officer
National Brain Tumor Society

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