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National Brain Tumor Society’s 2015 Legislative Agenda

Head to the Hill

To guide our public policy advocacy efforts each year, National Brain Tumor Society creates an annual “Legislative Agenda.”

Our yearly Legislative Agenda reflects the larger strategy and goals of the Organization, and our activities in carrying out the agenda directly influences our ability to deliver on our mission of better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for adult and pediatric brain tumors.

Each year we review our Legislative Agenda and recalibrate our plans based on the current, most pressing needs of the brain tumor community, as well as realities on the ground in Washington, D.C. and within the brain tumor research and development landscape.
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Entering 2015, the backdrop we face includes a new Congress (which means all unpassed bills from the previous Congress need to be re-introduced, among other hurdles), a bicameral republican majority, continued sequestration, yet a renewed vigor in many corners for biomedical research funding.

Thus, after thorough internal discussion, analysis, and playing, as well as receiving valuable input from our Board members and other advisors, we are pleased have finalized National Brain Tumor Society’s 2015 Legislative Agenda.

2015 National Brain Tumor Society Legislative Agenda

This year the agenda provides support for key policy areas and legislation that are aimed to advance drug development in adult and pediatric brain tumors, raise federal resources for brain tumor research, and improve the ability of patients to access essential treatment.

This is a living document and may change during the year based on the evolving climate in the Capitol, as well as new legislative opportunities that may arise. We will keep you updated throughout the legislative process.919692_10151573073727808_1752893767_o 2

National Brain Tumor Society’s Legislative Agenda also does not reflect the breadth of work we do in public policy to improve and advance regulation or other executive branch policy matters, such as the Clinical Trial Endpoints Initiative.

We hope this year’s Legislative Agenda will offer our volunteers and other supporters critical information about key legislative areas we are involved in this year, and help everyone become a more informed and effective brain tumor advocate.

Remember, to sign-up to be a brain tumor advocate and take action visit here. And to get further involved in National Brain Tumor Society’s public policy advocacy and legislative agenda, consider¬†participating in Head to the Hill 2015.

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