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New Features coming to the NBTS Blog in 2018

In an effort to continue bringing those affected by brain tumors with consistent, diverse, interesting, inspiring and engaging content, we will be introducing a number of new recurring features on this blog in 2018.

Monthly Features:

  • Public Policy & Advocacy Updates – We’ll give the monthly low-down on what’s happening in Congress as it relates to policies, laws, bills, and actions that are important to the brain tumor community.
  • Advice Columns – Part of our new patient and care-partner engagement initiative and Brain Tumor Experience web resources
  • Glossary Columns – Scientific and medical terms can often be complicated, complex, and confusing to anyone without a PhD or MD. Each month we’ll take a term that might be in the news at the time, or just a common term that you may hear related to your brain tumor experience – but maybe never knew its meaning – and explain its relation to brain tumor research and/or treatments.
  • Facts & Figures Blogs – Each month we’ll take a look into facts and figures about brain tumors, and give you information you can use to help raise awareness about the critical need to join the fight against brain tumors.

Quarterly & Series Features:

  • New Clinical Trials Recently Opened – A list, with links, to new clinical trials that have recently opened that patients and their care-partners can explore.
  • Phase 3 Clinical Trials – A list, with links, to clinical trials for brain tumors entering the pivotal stage of evaluation – phase 3 clinical trials. We did this for the first time last spring and it was our most-read blog of 2017!
  • NBTS Visionary Series – We’ll highlight someone inspiring from the community or research field – the true heroes in the fight; individuals who are going “above and beyond” in the quest to find better treatments and cures for brain tumors. We’ll take recommendations in the comments (make sure to leave your contact info, if you have someone you think deserves to be recognized).
  • What’s New in the Brain Tumor Space – A new section on our website, coming soon, that will capture the latest news, recent developments, stories, and other types of information that highlights progress happening across the international neuro-oncology field and global brain tumor community.

These will be in addition to our regular blogs and existing monthly and quarterly features like our monthly Research Highlights blogs and quarterly Top Blogs features.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features and provide your feedback in the comment section below. They will begin in February.

If you want to ensure that you always get the latest from the blog – including these new features – make sure to subscribe to the blog, so that all the latest posts get delivered right to your inbox.

Thank you for your support and readership!

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