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Progress for Pediatrics

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

I never imagined that my daughter, one of my children, could get a brain tumor… -Natalie Walsh

Natalie Walsh is a mother of three and shared with us the story of her daughter, Daisy. Please watch the video:


For kids like Daisy, and the thousands of other children diagnosed with brain tumors, the fight is a long, hard road. National Brain Tumor Society is working tirelessly toward a systemic change in the way new treatments are being discovered, developed, and tested in order to deliver progress to pediatric patients. Throughout the month, the pediatric cancer community will share facts and resources with parents and caretakers, as well as raise awareness to the larger population. We’re asking you – the brain tumor community – to help us join in and raise awareness about children battling brain tumors by taking part in one or more of our activities. Please visit our pediatrics page and share our infographic, attend our September 18 video chat where we’ll discuss pediatric brain tumor research and resources, and share these brain tumor infosnaps on social media (right-click and click “Save Image As”) :

ChildhoodAwarenessMonth_Infosnaps_Final_3 ChildhoodAwarenessMonth_Infosnaps_Final_4 ChildhoodAwarenessMonth_Infosnaps_Final_5 ChildhoodAwarenessMonth_Infosnaps_Final_2 ChildhoodAwarenessMonth_Infosnaps_Final_1


Also, if you’re on Social Media, show the world you support progress for pediatrics by downloading this icon and making it your profile picture:



Throughout the month, we will continue to share pediatric brain tumor facts, news, and calls to action. Thanks for your tireless efforts and we hope to see you on the chat! Sincerely,

Steven LaFond
Social Media Manager, National Brain Tumor Society

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