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Top Five Blogs: April – June 2017

In the brain tumor community, the second quarter of the year (Q2: April – June) is always a busy time…if for no other reason than Brain Tumor Awareness Month (May) sits smack-dab in the middle of it. And this year was no different, as the breadth of stories below will show.

In Q2, our Top Five Blogs run the gambit of Public Policy Advocacy news, updates on our Defeat GBM Research Collaborative, an overview of innovations in brain tumor research and treatment, and moving stories from our community. We hope you’ll enjoy catching-up, if you’ve missed any of these!

1. Remembering Jaclyn Sabol Patton

We remember and memorialize a long-time dedicated supporter and brain tumor champion who made an impact far beyond her years.


2. A Brain Tumor Journey in Three Parts

In April, a three-part blog series on brain tumor survivor Sarah Vannatta – told in her own words – illustrated the challenges faced even with a so-called “benign” brain tumor. We suggest you begin (for obvious reasons!) with Part 1 of this captivating story.


3. Innovations in Brain Tumor Research and Treatments

NBTS CEO, David Arons, authored an overview of the latest-and-greatest progress, advances, and developments in researching and treating brain tumors for a special insert/section of USA TODAY called “Brain Health,” produced by Mediaplanet USA, as part of its “Future of Personal Health” campaign. We re-posted the article on our blog.


4. Speaking Up For Brain Tumor Causes

In late April/early May, we got some good news…and some not so great news…from our nation’s capital, as it pertains to public policy measures that could affect brain tumor patients. We recapped the developments of two busy weeks leading up to Head to the Hill 2017.


5. Defeat GBM Research Collaborative Progress Report: A Multitude of New Discoveries & A Push to Evaluate Potential New Drugs in Clinical Trials

At the end of June, we shared updates on the portfolio of progress being made through our subsidiary, Cure GBM, LLC, and its flagship program, the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative.


We hope you’ll find these blogs and brain tumor news interesting and helpful. And, if you are so obliged, please share these posts with your friends, families, and networks on social media. Together, we continue to raise awareness and educate the public about brain tumors and what is being done to end this disease!

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