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Top Five Blogs: April – June 2018

The second quarter of 2018 was a very busy, particularly because of an active and impactful Brain Tumor Awareness Month this year coupled with big events like Head to the Hill and our first-ever Congressional Briefing.

Below is a recap of the most popular brain tumor news and blog items from the NBTS site from April through June, as measured by YOUR readership and views. We hope you’ll enjoy catching up on anything you may have missed!

1. Guest Blog: How Am I Going to Survive When My Husband is Gone?

NBTS supporter, Rachel Windman, tells the heartfelt tale of the loss of her husband to a rare brain cancer, and how she is learning to cope with the tragedy, fight back, and raise her young daughter.


2. Potential Brain Tumor Treatments Entering the Pivotal Phase of Evaluation – June 2018

A breakdown/overview of the current Phase III brain tumor clinical trial landscape, followed by the full list of trials with hyperlinks for more information.


3. Glossary Blog, April 2018: Brain Tumor vs. Brain Cancer

In our April Glossary blog, we looked at a question that had been brought to our attention, that seemed to be, perhaps, the most basic and fundamental term/concept for this community: Is a brain tumor, brain cancer? Or, are brain tumors cancerous? Simple enough, right? A simple “Yes” or “No” answer should do, right? Well, not exactly.


4. Report: 2018 Defeat GBM Research Collaborative Retreat – Priorities for the Future

At our 2018 annual retreat for members of our Defeat GBM Research Collaborative, three major priorities for the remainder of the initiative were identified and discussed.


5. National Brain Tumor Society-Championed Childhood Cancer STAR Act Signed Into Law

In a major legislative and public policy advocacy victory for NBTS and our volunteer advocates, Congress passed the Childhood Cancer STAR Act in late May, and then the president signed the bill into law in early June. National Brain Tumor Society had the privilege and opportunity to directly contribute to the formation of the bill and, as a member of the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, to help champion its passage.

The Childhood Cancer STAR Act is the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation taken up by Congress in decades. This bipartisan bill is designed to advance pediatric cancer research and child-focused cancer treatments, while also improving childhood cancer surveillance, as well as providing enhanced resources for survivors and those impacted by kids’ cancers.


We hope you’ll find these blogs and brain tumor news interesting and helpful. And, if you are so obliged, please share these posts with your friends, families, and networks on social media. Together, we continue to raise awareness and educate the public about brain tumors and what is being done to end this disease!

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