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Top Five Blogs From April – June 2016

Did spring just fly by? We think so, too! It feels like just yesterday that we were getting energized for May’s Brain Tumor Awareness ACTION Month 2016, and now we’re halfway through July and Summer 2016…

As the dog days of summer approach, and folks retreat to their summer getaways, we wanted to provide another quick option for everyone’s proverbial ‘summer reading list’ (since today a lot of folks are doing their reading on tablets and other mobile devices, anyways). Below are the top five stories you might’ve missed on the Brain Tumor Blog during spring (or Q2, if you prefer) 2016:

1. 60 Minutes, The Poliovirus, And Breakthrough Therapy Designation

brdu cnpase jenNBTS provides critical insight and context to the news reports regarding the highly-touted poliovirus treatment for glioblastoma patients currently in clinical trials at Duke University.




2. Ten Things You Need To Know About The New Cellphone Study

pexels-photoNBTS explains why there is no new cause for heightened alarm following the publication of a new, government-funded study on cellphone use and brain cancer risk. We provide 10 key points that explain the study, its conclusions, and what can and should be drawn from the findings.



3. National Brain Tumor Society Awards $1.25 Million In New Research Grants For Projects Studying Low-Grade Gliomas.

nci-vol-2032-300NBTS announced in April new grant funding for four research projects studying a category of brain cancers known as low-grade gliomas, with particular focus on a rare brain tumor known as oligodendroglioma. Each grant awarded will provide $250,000 in funding over two years. Funding for the grants is being provided through the NBTS’ Oligodendroglioma Research Fund and specifically via the generosity of the family of Ashley and Alan Dabbiere, who raised more than $1 million for the Oligodendroglioma Research Fund at their “Grey Soiree” last May. Then in May NBTS announced, in conjunction with Oligo Nation, another grant to study an immunotherapy-based approach to treating oligodendroglioma at Stanford University.


4. Brain Tumor Research Highlights: May 2016

nci-vol-2141-300Over the years, NBTS has given more than $32 million to brain tumor research projects. We’re very proud of the impact this funding has made in advancing the neuro-oncology field closer to better treatments and ultimately a cure. And while NBTS is currently focused on driving our flagship research projects – like the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative – forward, there also continues to be great scientific research efforts happening in the neuro-oncology field, en masse. This is critical, as no one researcher, one lab, or one institution can cure this disease alone. This blog highlights of some newly published research from the brain tumor scientific and medical community, compiled by NBTS Director of Research & Scientific Policy, Ann Kingston, PhD and NBTS Research Programs Associate, Amanda Bates.


5. National Brain Tumor Society CEO Named To Cancer Moonshot Initiative’s Blue Ribbon Panel Of Experts

image2In early April, NBTS’ CEO, David Arons, was named to the prestigious “Blue Ribbon Panel” of experts who were chosen to help advise Vice President Joseph Biden’s renowned Cancer Moonshot Initiative. David is the only representative on the panel of leading voices in cancer research and policy from a disease-based patient advocacy group. Later in June, as pat of NBTS’ participation and representation of the brain tumor community in the Moonshot effort, NBTS made a #CanServe commitment at the National Cancer Moonshot Summit. David also provided his own recap of the Summit, as part of his June blog, which also looks forward to the second half of 2016.


Other news of interest from April-June, may include NBTS’ take on the revised World Health Organization brain tumor classifications; the appointment of a new, expert  Special Advisor to our CEO; Our recap from the 2016 American Society of Clinical Oncology conference; and June Brain Tumor Research Highlights.

We hope you’ll find these blogs interesting and helpful. And, if you are so obliged, please share these posts with your friends, families, and networks on social media. Together, we continue to raise awareness and educate the public about brain tumors and what is being done to end this disease!

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Thanks for reading!

Tom Halkin

Senior Manager of Communications

National Brain Tumor Society

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