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Top Five Blogs From July – September 2016

For most organizations and businesses, the Third Quarter (Q3) is a slow period. July and August are two of the biggest vacation months of the year, as folks across most of the country get in their annual summer trips and activities. Then September follows with the rush of back to school and back to work.

But for a patient advocacy group like the National Brain Tumor Society, we cannot afford any quiet months, as diseases like brain tumors don’t discriminate as to when they strike and patients don’t get to take a vacation from their fight against a brain tumor – so neither can we.

That said, it’s understandable if many in the greater brain tumor community did use the waning summer months for some well-deserved R&R…or if September had you scrambling to get adjusted back to the daily grind after a long summer. So below we’ve rounded-up our five top read stories from July – September to recap some of the important news from the field in Q3:

1. Liquid Biopsies for Brain Tumors: Can We Improve Diagnosis, Treatment Decisions, and Research All Via One Advancement?

Randall-Garnick-Photography_NBTS-Summit-2015_019New research from Dr. Ingo Mellinghoff (left) of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, supported by the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative, is paving the way for new advances in the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment planning, and research of brain tumors – both primary and metastatic.


2. Brain Tumor Research Highlights: July 2016

nci-vol-2130-300Over the years, NBTS has given more than $32 million to brain tumor research projects. We’re very proud of the impact this funding has made in advancing the neuro-oncology field closer to better treatments and ultimately a cure. And while NBTS is currently focused on driving our flagship research projects – like the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative – forward, there also continues to be great scientific research efforts happening in the neuro-oncology field, en masse. This is critical, as no one researcher, one lab, or one institution can cure this disease alone. This blog highlights of some newly published research from the brain tumor scientific and medical community, compiled by NBTS Director of Research & Scientific Policy, Ann Kingston, PhD and NBTS Research Programs Associate, Amanda Bates.


3. August Brain Tumor Research Highlights

Pippet 3The Brain Tumor Research Highlights from August include studies comparing proton (PBRT) versus photon (XRT) radiation therapy for brain tumor patients; exploring how brain tumors adapt to low-oxygen conditions; and examining racial and ethnic disparities in pediatric brain tumor clinical trial enrollment.



4. Guest Blog: A Life’s Work

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.54.45 PMIn this Guest Blog, newly-appointed NBTS Special Advisor to the CEO, Dr. Alfred Yung (left), shares his thoughts on the past, present, and future of neuro-oncology, as told through his career trajectory.



5. National Brain Tumor Society Statement on CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics Report on Cancer Death Rates in Children & Adolescents (1999-2014)

29665911296_b3dbdf5ba0_oNBTS CEO, David Arons (left), comments on a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report which found that pediatric brain tumors have replaced leukemias as the leading cause of cancer deaths in children ages 0-19.



Other blogs of interest from the month include our CEO, David Aron’s, perspective on why and how we need to step-up efforts to defeat pediatric brain tumors, as well as the blog that announced our newest pediatric effort.

We hope you’ll find these blogs interesting and helpful. And, if you are so obliged, please share these posts with your friends, families, and networks on social media. Together, we continue to raise awareness and educate the public about brain tumors and what is being done to end this disease!

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Thanks for reading!

Tom Halkin

Senior Manager of Communications

National Brain Tumor Society

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