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Top Five Blogs: January – March 2019

The first quarter of 2019 flew by. It was a very busy start to the year for NBTS, with exciting new partnerships announced and encouraging progress shared from our ongoing funded initiatives.

Below is a recap of the most popular brain tumor news and blog items from Q1 2019 (January – March) on the NBTS site, as measured by YOUR readership and views. We hope you’ll enjoy catching up on anything you may have missed since the start of the new year!

1. For Glioblastoma Immunotherapy, Is Timing Everything?

NBTS-funded research, published in February, shows a significant survival advantage for patients receiving immunotherapy before surgery.


2. National Brain Tumor Society Invests in GBM AGILE, the World’s First Global Adaptive Trial for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer

In January, NBTS announced a partnership with the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR), a nonprofit organization comprised of some of the world’s foremost clinical, translational, and basic science investigators. NBTS has provided GCAR with a $750,000 award to help launch and build patient awareness of the world’s first global “adaptive” clinical trial for brain cancer, GBM AGILE (Glioblastoma Adaptive Global Innovative Learning Environment).


3. 2019 Crystal Ball: Predictions & Hopes for Advances in Brain Tumor Research and Treatments in the New Year

Every year, we ask some of the leaders in the field of brain tumor research and treatment to give us their predictions and/or hopes for the coming 12 months. To see what some of the brightest minds in the field are looking forward to this year, follow the link below.


4. Supercharging Radiation for Glioblastoma Patients

In early March, we were excited to share information from a new Defeat GBM-funded research study that found a potential method to make radiation more effective when given to certain glioblastoma (GBM) patients.


5. National Brain Tumor Society and the Brain Science Foundation Partner to Fund Research for Most Common Brain Tumor Type

In February, we were happy to announce a new partnership with the Brain Science Foundation (BSF). Under terms of the partnership, the organizations have established the Meningioma Research Fund to raise and grant funds specifically for meningioma research poised to identify and advance treatments aimed at dramatically improving survival and quality of life.


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