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Top Five Blogs: July – September 2017

July and August are prime months to get away for a break, relax, and enjoy the summer vacation season. And September welcomes everyone back to the ‘real world’ of school, sports, and normal work schedules. While unfortunately, we can’t afford to ‘take a break’ in the brain tumor community – just as patients and caregivers can’t take a break from their disease – for many in our community, missing some news from the brain tumor world over the last three months would certainly be understandable.

As such, below is a recap of the most popular brain tumor news and blog items from the NBTS site during Q3 2017 that you may have missed. We hope you’ll enjoy catching up!

1. National Brain Tumor Society Statement on Senator John McCain

This sad news was almost impossible to miss. And NBTS was quick to offer our thoughts – and any support or information and resources we could provide – to Senator McCain and his family after the news of this terrible diagnosis.


2. [INFOGRAPHIC] Defeat GBM By The Numbers

In June, we provided our annual Progress Report on the impact being made by our flagship research program, the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative. In July, we followed the comprehensive, official report up with an infographic to depict the cumulative progress in an easy to digest format.


3. Brain Tumor Research Highlights: July 2017

Our monthly Brain Tumor Research Highlights blog – compiled by our research and scientific staff – featured new studies funded by Defeat GBM, as well as news from an important clinical trial, and a recent FDA approval in brain tumors.


4. Brain Tumor Research Highlights: August 2017

In August, the next monthly installment of our Brain Tumor Research Highlights blog featured new insights into gliomas and information on current and future clinical trials.


5. [Expert Series] Defeat GBM Research Collaborative: Core-by-Core Progress

In NBTS’ first “Expert Series” blogs in 2017, we examined the topic of neurosurgery. Then we used the format to look, in detail, at the accomplishments each team within in the overall Defeat GBM Research Collaborative program (which consists of 4 ‘Cores’) is making, following the comprehensive/combined/cumulative Progress Report noted above.


We hope you’ll find these blogs and brain tumor news interesting and helpful. And, if you are so obliged, please share these posts with your friends, families, and networks on social media. Together, we continue to raise awareness and educate the public about brain tumors and what is being done to end this disease!

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Thanks for reading!

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