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Top Five Blogs: July- September 2018

Below is a recap of the most popular brain tumor news and blog items from July through September on the NBTS site, as measured by YOUR readership and views. We hope you’ll enjoy catching up on anything you may have missed over the summer and during the busy back-to-school/work season in September!

1. National Brain Tumor Society Statement on the Passing of Senator John McCain

NBTS was profoundly saddened to learn of the senator’s passing, and our thoughts immediately went out to his family, friends, staff, colleagues, and loved ones. As Senator McCain often implored during his campaign for president, we as a country are stronger when we dedicate ourselves to “causes greater than [our] own self-interest.” That is our hope at the National Brain Tumor Society; that 2018 will be the year that many across the country came together in a concerted effort, with renewed vigor, to pave the road toward a future of more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.


2. National Brain Tumor Society Statement on News that Senator John McCain was Discontinuing Anti-Cancer Treatments

National Brain Tumor Society empathized with Senator McCain, and his entire family, on the difficult decision he made to forgo further treatment for glioblastoma. Members of the brain tumor community understand more than most the many factors and considerations that lead to such challenging decisions.


3. Guest Blog: Team Theo – Moving On From Medulloblastoma and Paying It Forward

Lori Stephen talks about her son’s diagnosis with medulloblastoma, the obstacles her family faced, what they’re still facing, and the power of advocacy.


4. Sharpe-NBTS Brain Cancer Research Awards Provide $175,000 for Cutting-edge Studies Aimed at Developing New and Better Treatments

NBTS announced the Sharpe/NBTS Brain Cancer Research Awards program distributed $175,000 in 2018 to fund cutting-edge brain cancer studies at three leading scientific laboratories across the United States.


5. Guest Blog: Children Shouldn’t Run Out of Options

Natalie Walsh shares an update on her daughter’s treatments for recurrent medulloblastoma, and why we need your support.


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