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Top Five Blogs: July – September 2019

Below is a recap of the most popular brain tumor news and blog items from Q3 2019 (July – Sept.) on the NBTS site, as measured by YOUR readership and views. We hope you’ll enjoy catching up on anything you may have missed!

1. A Missing Link to Glioblastoma Growth?

Research funded through NBTS’s Defeat GBM Research Collaborative discovered that an enzyme that serves as a link between oncogenes and the lipids that make-up cells’ membranes may be an important new drug target to treat glioblastoma and other tumors.


2. Guest Blog: “I Would Have Given Anything to Trade Places with Him.”

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Rebecca Connor shares the trials and tribulations confronting the diagnosis and loss of her 7-year-old son, Mac, and the family’s ongoing efforts to honor his memory and continue his legacy.


3. National Brain Tumor Society Applauds Medicare’s Coverage Decision for Tumor Treatment Field Therapy

On the heels of #GBMDay in July, the brain tumor community achieved an important advocacy victory. One of the few treatments approved to treat glioblastoma patients — a device known as Tumor Treatment Field Therapy (or TTFT) — had not previously been covered for patients receiving their health insurance through Medicare. Following the advocacy of NBTS, along with patients, physicians, and other brain tumor advocacy organizations, Medicare made a more favorable coverage decision for the TTFT device. This coverage determination will help patients access potentially life-extending treatment while reducing affordability as a barrier to glioblastoma care.


4. Gliogene: Confronting the Unknown Through Research

With the help of dedicated patients and family members, the Gliogene study is looking for the proverbial needles in haystacks: the little-known population of families for which glioma brain tumors has struck two or more times.


5. Awareness Abounds: Inaugural Glioblastoma Awareness Day Moves & Inspires

Following the inaugural #GBMDay, we shared a recap of some of the day’s highlights — from video testimonials, pictures, quotes, and the amazing response from the brain tumors community (and beyond!) on social media.


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