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What the Brain Tumor Community Was Reading in 2016

This past year, provided encouraging news on many fronts in the fight to find better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for brain tumors. We covered many of these developments on this blog, from new research projects launching, scientific discoveries and research news, public policy and advocacy advancements in Congress and from the White House, emerging partnerships, and inspirational stories from the brain tumor community.

Below is a “Top 10” list which highlights the stories you found most compelling — based on the most-read blog posts — an encapsulates what made 2016 so memorable, while setting the stage for continued momentum in 2017:

  1. 60 Minutes, the Poliovirus, and Breakthrough Therapy Designation
  2. Glioblastomas Are Addicted to Cholesterol – Can Breaking Their Dependency Stop These Tumors?
  3. 10 Things You Need to Know About the New Cellphone Study
  4. National Brain Tumor Society Awards $1 Million in New Research Grants for Projects Studying Low-Grade Gliomas
  5. So You Heard About Rintega? Here’s What’s Next for Brain Tumor Drug Development?
  6. Growing Fast: #Headstanduptobraincancer is Trending Now
  7. Defeat GBM Research Collaborative: Two-Year Progress Report
  8. Guest Blog: Your Precious Love – Remembering Patrick
  9. National Brain Tumor Society and Oligo Nation Announce Funding for Immunotherapy-Based Approach to Oligodendroglioma Treatment
  10. Liquid Biopsies for Brain Tumors: Can We Improve, Diagnosis, Treatment Decisions, and Research All Via One Advancement?

I hope all of you had a joyous new year and holiday season and are looking forward, as we are, to driving forward toward even greater progress in 2017. With all of us working together as a determined and committed community, I know we can make great strides this year together.

Thank you for your continued readership!


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