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What the Brain Tumor Community Was Reading in 2017

This year we covered many topics on this blog, from stories of strength, determination, and dedication in the community; to news on research progress; clinical trial results and updates; innovation; and FDA approvals. We saw glioblastoma again enter the national consciousness, with the unfortunate news of Senator John McCain’s diagnosis (see below), as well as some amazing awareness efforts from individuals across the brain tumor community.

Below are “Top 10” most-read blog posts over the course of the past 12 months on our site. These posts illustrate the perseverance of this community, from researchers who’ve tirelessly dedicated their careers to making key breakthroughs that could lead to better brain tumor treatments, to patients who’ve braved harrowing diagnoses. We also continue to see the progress that is being made, step-by-step, to fight this disease and provide brighter futures for brain tumor patients, survivors, and their loved ones…past, present, and future.

  1. Potential Glioblastoma Treatments Entering the Pivotal Phase of Evaluation
  2. Meant to Live – Zachary Williams Story of Thriving Past Survival
  3. Hiding in Plain Sight: Defeat GBM Research Collaborative Helps Produce Paradigm-Shifting Discovery
  4. Lighting Up Like Firework: A First Person Brain Tumor Journey Captures Headlines
  5. A Brain Tumor Journey in Three Parts
  6. Beating the Odds Thanks to Research Funding: Greg’s Story
  7. This is…Not the End – A Brain Tumor Documentary Concludes Celebrating Life
  8. Defeat GBM Research Collaborative Progress Report: A Multitude of New Discoveries & A Push to Evaluate Potential New Drugs in Clinical Trials
  9. National Brain Tumor Society Statement on Senator John McCain’s Brain Cancer Diagnosis
  10. National Brain Tumor Society Statement on Tocagen Designation

Wishing you a happy and hopeful New Year.

Thank you for your continued readership!

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