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What the Brain Tumor Community Was Reading in 2018


Below are the “Top 10” most-read stories on the NBTS site over the course of 2018. Included are heartwrenching statements on loss; moving and inspiring portraits of determined patients, survivors, and caregivers; ‘news you can use’ from new features in 2018 like Glossary and Facts & Figures blogs; as well as important updates on the progress and advances we are making thanks to the tremendous support we continue to receive from the brain tumor community.

  1. Guest Blog: How Am I Going To Survive When My Husband is Gone?
  2. National Brain Tumor Society Statements on Senator John McCain’s discontinuation of treatment and passing
  3. Brain Tumor Facts & Figures, May 2018: Incidence, Mortality, and Survival in 2018
  4. Glossary Blog, April 2018: Brain Tumor vs. Brain Cancer
  5. Report: 2018 Defeat GBM Retreat – Priorities for the Future
  6. Brain Tumor Facts & Figures, March 2018: Cost of Care
  7. Guest Blog: Team Theo – Moving Beyond Medulloblastoma & Paying it Forward
  8. Brain Tumor Facts & Figures, February 2018: Average Years of Life Lost
  9. Glossary Blog, February 2018: CAR T-cell Therapy
  10. National Brain Tumor Society-Championed Childhood Cancer STAR Act Signed Into Law

Sprinkled into the mix of the top 10 most-read blogs were also a number of our clinical trial reports. Because these posts were all related to specific periods of time, instead of including only the couple editions that actually placed in the original list of 10 most-viewed blogs above, we wanted to list them all, in order of date published (oldest to newest):

Wishing you a happy and hopeful New Year.

Thank you for your continued readership!

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