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World Cancer Day 2016

February 4, 2016 is World Cancer Day, the global day of awareness that shines the light on one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

SONY DSCOver the past week, we’ve talked about the strides that have been made in the brain tumor space toward new treatments and research. We’ve talked to leaders of our field about what they feel the year will look like in the world of studies and trials. You’ve even heard from our CEO, David Arons, about what has him excited for the new year. Everyone here at the National Brain Tumor Society is firmly committed to our mission, with a road to a cure that includes turning the diagnosis into a chronic manageable disease before we, at last, defeat it outright. We’re a strong community, forged under the worst of circumstances.

And we aren’t alone.

Today, millions of people are fighting cancer, and from the moment their doctors had that first difficult conversation, those people and their families are forced to become experts on treatments, clinical trials, and research. Many of us discover early on just how few treatments there actually are. Because cancers and tumors are widely diverse, more research and clinical trials need to be funded to move the needle forward not just for brain tumors, but all cancers. And we need to reach more people to do it.

Here’s how:

The diagnosis and treatment can feel like the loneliest time for many of us. Let’s start this year off right by standing with the entire cancer community to raise the profile and raise awareness not only for cancer, but what can be done to cure it.

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